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Now that you’ve booked your Oman Air flight, would you like to enjoy the benefits of Business Class? If so, a very special opportunity is available to you for an upgrade.

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  • Is it possible to upgrade from Economy to First?
  • Your confirmed Economy ticket can only be upgraded to the next cabin, which is Business.

  • How much do I need to bid?
  • Your bid must be between the set minimum and maximum bid amount indicated on the slider.

  • What does the strength indicator mean on the offer page?
  • The strength indicator is a guide that shows the strength of your bid but does not guarantee that you will be successful.

  • Can I bid different amounts for each part of my journey?
  • Yes, you can bid different amounts for each eligible part of your journey.

  • Other than the bid amount, do I need to pay any additional fees?
  • When you bid to upgrade, the Airport departure taxes are applicable in certain countries such as the UK, India and Pakistan. Any extra charges will be shown clearly in the Upgrade offer submission process.

  • What Benefits will I have if I win the upgrade?
  • You will enjoy all our business class services, Meal, Baggage Allowance, Lounge and all related complimentary services we offer to our valued Business Class Passengers.

  • Will I receive an SMS if my bid is successful?
  • If your bid is successful, you will only receive a Congratulation email, but we will also make you aware when you check-in.

  • I’m not sure if my bid has been successful and I don’t have access to emails to check. Will I be notified at the time of check-in?
  • Yes, you will be notified when you check-in.

  • Can I cancel my bid?
  • Yes, you can modify your bid at any time before you receive an email informing you whether your offer has been successful. When you first place your bid, you will receive a confirmation email, and you can use the link in that email to cancel your bid.

  • I cancelled my initial offer, but I would like to submit a new offer. Is that possible?
  • You should have received an email confirming that your initial bid has been cancelled. If you have changed your mind, you can resubmit a bid using the link in your cancellation email. Or you can also visit www.omanair.com and select OmanAir Easy Upgrade.
    New offers must be submitted no later than 24 hours before departure for Bid to Upgrade.

  • What happens if my bid has been unsuccessful?
  • If your offer has been unsuccessful, you will receive a notification email up to 6 hours before your flight to let you know. Your card will not be charged, and you can simply travel with your existing ticket as normal.

  • If I received an email informing me that my offer has been unsuccessful, can I make an offer again?
  • You cannot make another offer if your bid has been unsuccessful. You may ask your check-in agent for an upgrade.

  • My bid was successful. What documents do I need when I check in at the airport?
  • Our system will be updated with the upgrade. Please present your updated travel itinerary and confirmation email when you arrive at the airport.

  • My bid has been successful, but I need to cancel my ticket. Will I receive a refund for my bid?
  • If you are cancelling or changing your ticket, your bid will not be refunded.

  • I have already paid for a seat in Economy. What will happen if I’m upgraded to Business?
  • The amount that you have paid to reserve your seat will not be refunded when you are upgraded to Business.

  • When I enter my booking reference and last name, an error message appears. What should I do?
  • Email easyupgrade@Omanair.com quoting your ticket number or Reservation Reference (starting with 910). You will need to provide your name, travel date and flight number.

  • I have placed a bid, but I’d like to use a different card. Is that possible?
  • You need to cancel your current bid first if it is still inside the offer deadline window. Once you cancel the bid, you’ll be able to submit a new offer using your preferred card.
    If your offer has been accepted but the card authorization fails, you’ll receive an email with a link to enter your new card details.

  • I received an email informing me that my offer has been unsuccessful, but a short while later, my card has been charged. Why have I been charged?
  • We will review your bid if a seat becomes available closer to the time of your flight. If you receive a notification that your card has been charged, then your upgrade has been processed. You will receive an email confirming your bid and an updated itinerary. If not, we will void the charge and return you’re the deducted amount, your money should be credited to your account based on your bank policy.

  • I have booked for five guests under the same booking reference. Is it possible to bid for an upgrade for two guests only?
  • If you have booked directly via Oman Air, you can call our Global Contact Center and ask the Agent to split your booking.
    If you have booked via travel trade, you can ask your travel agent to split your booking. The request to split your booking should be done at least 24 hours before your departure date, so that you can still place a bid.

  • Will my bid amount be refunded if my flight is cancelled?
  • In the event that your Oman Air flight is cancelled, we will try to accommodate you in the upgraded cabin on your next flight. Otherwise, we will process the refund directly.

  • My offer was successful, and I received a confirmation email and an updated travel itinerary. However, at the airport, I did not receive a boarding pass for the upgraded cabin and in my original seat. What should I do?
  • In the event that you are downgraded at the airport, you should send an email to easyupgrade@Omanair.com highlighting the incident. If the downgrade is attributed to Oman Air, for example, in the case of an oversold cabin, schedule change or flight change, a full refund will be processed.
    If the downgrade is caused by the passenger, a refund will not be processed.

  • My bid has been successful, but I’d like to change a part of my journey on the same ticket. My travel agent is not able to help, what should I do?
  • Once your ticket is reissued by Oman Air office, any subsequent changes to the ticket can be done through our Call Center.

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